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Chrimata is founded and run by real people, we’re not a faceless company. We’ll add to this section weekly, as we receive more questions because we want to serve as many NPO’s as we can.

With so many options for digital donations, why should we chose Chrimata? First, Chrimata was developed by a Pastor with over 40 years of ministerial experience. Our goal is to become your ministry partner to help you fulfill the vision God has placed upon your heart. We are all about “Creating a Culture of Generosity,” that goes beyond the act of giving. We will help empower your people by providing tools that will develop mindsets of service, compassion and liberality. With tools built with the church in mind, overall quality and customer support Chrimata will rise to the top and enhance your overall giving experience.

No. Chrimata is a cutting edge all cloud-based system. No need to download apps, update apps or wonder what platform to use. If you can access the internet, you can use Chrimata. Donors may bookmark their sign-in page and repeat donations take about 10 seconds.

Yes. While we specialize in churches, We support independent ministries, missions, and other types of 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, while specialising in the types of reports that Churches have been looking for. Whenever we get feedback about what an NPO is looking for, we’ll add those features as needed.

Chrimata does not require a contract to use our service. We are so confident in our abilities to serve your vision and exceed your expectations that we do not need to trap you as a client with a contract.

Here’s a theme we hear a lot —  “Everybody was right there until we signed a contract, now we can’t talk to anyone!”

We understand. With Chrimata, you’ll have a dedicated account manager. No more calling a support line having to talk with somebody new each time. Your account manager will be familiar with you as an organization and as an individual. Your clients will receive the same attention. 

Chrimata allows your donors to use all major credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express) as well as direct (ACH) bank transfer. A nice feature is that all of the above can also be set up on a recurring giving schedule building confidence for future donations. Chrimata also allows you to record all cash, check, and other forms of payment so that all giving records are in one place. No need for third party programs.

We do not. Our research has shown that less than 1% of people in church ever used text-to-give. Therefore, we did not believe it was worth the expense to our churches. Second, text-to-give is limited to a single donation and a single fund. Repeat donations on Chrimata take about 10 seconds compared to the average of 30 seconds for text-to-give. 

There are NO startup costs!

We are often asked this question. The real question to ask is what are my overall expenses. Many companies will quote you a processing fee, but that fee does not include; sign-up fees, software fees, app fees, minimum monthly expenses, gateway fees, customer support fees, tech support fees, reporting fees, early termination fees, record fees (for early termination), etc. Many churches often experience an additional 1-3% in additional fees they were not expecting. Our fee structure is simple. 

Processing fees 2.60% All cards including American Express +$.20/transaction. ACH fees are .50% + $1.00 Transaction fee capped at $5.00. Chrimata charges a simple .25% for all transactions. So, 2.85% + $.20/transaction all inclusive for cards, .5% + $1 capped at $5 with a .25% Chrimata fee.

The beauty of Chrimata, your donors are able to add all processing fees to their donation which may result in a net $0.00 for the organization. 

No, there are no limits set on giving and receiving funds.

No. One of the great advantages of Chrimata is that you can have a single account and designate personal and business accounts by using their respective cards. We do all the heavy lifting and keep your giving records separate. 

Yes! We make it super easy to to have all donations in one place to simplify year end donation records.

Absolutely! Moreover, we do not limit how many campuses can be utilized. We are here to serve your needs.


We love hearing your suggestions and improvements. You are the reason we exist and we like to say, “We are like your IT department in your back pocket.” Our features are always being improved and we are flexible and nimble. 

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Chrimata is founded and run by real people, we’re not a faceless company. Contact us today and we’ll be in touch and see how we can best serve your Church or No-profit organisation.

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