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Explanation of Benefits
Free Sign-up, Free Software, Free Support
There is nothing better than free! Chrimata is a cloud-based system requiring no app downloads. no need for updates, all is kept current by Chrimata and at no cost to you. Our support teams are the best in the industry and waiting to serve you.
Dedicated Account Managers
From the moment you sign up with Chrimata, you will be assigned a personal account manager that will walk you through the steps to help ensure you are setup efficiently and how to maximize your donation potential. You will always be able to speak with your account manager.
No Long-Term Contracts
I always hated when somebody asked my to sign a contract when I didn't even know if their system would meet our needs. At Chrimata we are so confident in what we do, you will never need to sign a long-term contract with us. We are willing to demonstrate our proficiency to you and not ask for blind trust.
Donors may pay all processing fees
Chrimata has some of the lowest rates in the industry. There are no hidden fees. A flat rate of 2.6% regardless of the type of card used (including AMEX), and $.20/card transaction. Chrimata does not charge a flat monthly fee, but a usage fee of .25%. I never liked having to pay for systems I wasn't using. The best thing of all, donors can cover all fees through their donations to you.
Easy Sign-Up for Donors
Your account manager will walk you through the best steps to get your donors engaged. We are committed to "Creating a Culture of Generosity." Chrimata will work just like an app from any medium, with a safe, secure and simple sign-up. With an easy bookmark, donors can make donations in about 10 seconds.
Single or Multiple Fund Donations
From my friends in ministry one of their biggest issues was individuals having to make multiple donations utilizing multiple funds. That didn't make sense to me, so we allow unlimited fund creation and donors can give to multiple funds with a single gift. Recurring gifts can be set up the same way from either card or bank account.
Personal and Business Donations with a Single Account
Another big complaint was from my friends who were business owners. They hated creating multiple accounts in order to donate from their business(es). So...we created the single account login. Simply register your cards as business or personal and we do all the heavy lifting for you. Separate records can easily be downloaded at the end of the year.
Separate, IRS Compliant Donation Records
Whether business or personal, all donation records are kept in compliance with current IRS regulations and updated on a regular basis. All donations are in real-time and instantly show in history files both for the organization and donor. Instant receipts are sent the moment the donation is made and daily reports are emailed to the organization.
Cash, Check, Card and ACH Recording
I personally was frustrated with the digital donation programs I had used. Why couldn't there simply be one system for all donations. Even in our bookkeeping programs, they didn't provide giving records. Every year was a nightmare trying to get giving records ready. Now all records, regardless of the donation medium are kept in one location. As they say, no muss, no fuss.
Automated Reconciliation
We are honored to be working with our processing partner, Fattmerchant. Having worked with other processors throughout my last 40 years in ministry, I loved their cutting edge and extremely progressive thinking. We have even made your reconciliation process a breeze. All digital donations are reconciled against your bank records for you.
Complete Customizable Reports
With our comprehensive filtering system, you can print and export reports customized the way your like them. Additional drill down reports through our OMNI dashboard gives you complete control over the data to help you succeed. One of the most important stats for me was the inactive donor. Why you may ask? Because those are individuals who may be going through a rough financial period and I as a Pastor can now in an instant see who they are and reach out to see if we can help. Isn't that what we do?
Virtual Terminal for Manual Donations
This was kind of a no brainer. People frequently will call in to give a donation over the phone. Mostly from one-time donors who don't want to set up an account, but certainly we want to make their donation experience as painless as possible. Some have asked about kiosks and text-to-give. Our experience has taught us that people don't like kiosks where others watch them give. Less than 1% ever used text-to-give which is slower than Chrimata's system.
Professional Financial Seminars
We work hand in hand with financial professionals in all 50 states. We are able to help you setup a financial seminar in person or provide online webinars. Our desire is to help your donors become financially secure and independent freeing up more resources for the ministry. Most people don't fail financially, nobody has really taken the time to educate them. As Pastors we often feel awkward talking about money, but we at Chrimata know how important it is. In addition, we have ongoing blogs that will help your donors succeed on their own.
Ongoing Tech Development
I could go on and on about our many features, but the reality is that features can be replicated by anybody. We will be on the cutting edge of technology, but our desire is to create and culture of generosity in your ministry that goes beyond the act of giving money. We want to develop mindsets of generosity and success that will last a lifetime. Businesses and Individuals alike have benefited from our seminars.
CFO Packages Available
We offer advanced packages for those who like to dive deep into the statistics of ministry. The ability to watch trends month-to-month and year-over-year enhances the patterns that help with donor retention and ministry growth. Automated email enhancements that are customizable allowing to track donors helping them go from first time to recurring donors. Plus many other features.

All the Best things come in Three's

Super Savings

Chrimata has extremely low flat rates with no hidden costs. Many people focus on the wrong things when it comes to digital donations. The most common question we get is, "What are your rates?" The real question that should be asked is, "What is the overall value of Chrimata?" Besides overall lower fees (up to zero) we provide overwhelming value.

Superior Technology

Our cutting edge cloud-based technology is leading the digital donation industry. Let us be your IT department in your back pocket. If you have a great idea, we will implement it. You are the reason we exist and meeting your technology needs are a priority for all of us at Chrimata. Let us know what you need and together we can accomplish the vision!

Dedicated Support

We are NOT a faceless Internet business. Our two Directors, Lonny Bingle and Kevin Watson have spent over 50 years serving organizations just like yours. Every person working at Chrimata has this mindset of service. You will receive a dedicated account manager that will be your contact. No wondering who will be able to help you with your needs.

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