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A few words from our CEO – Lonny Bingle

What is Chrimata?

Chrimata is a Greek word for money or wealth. It means material value and is related to the process through which cream was separated from milk and oil from water (hence, “the cream” meaning the valuable). The expensive goods produced from these processes were risen from the mixture to the top, marking wealth. Therefore, this word was used when Jesus was crucified: he was raised on the cross and was the embodiment of goodness.

As such, Chrimata is a fresh innovative solution rising to the top of digital giving for churches. Chrimata is a corporation based in the United States utilizing a global perspective developed by an international collaborative team. We solicited the help of Pastors, payment processors and tech developers to help simplify and meet your needs for processing financial gifts in a digital age.

We are here to come along side your organization to help you fulfill the vision that God has placed on your heart. We recognize the importance of the donation, but more than that, we recognize the greater need to “Create a Culture of Generosity!” We provide cutting edge tools to help you accomplish the task of receiving donations but more than that, we stand with you to develop mindsets that will ensure the continued gifts from your donors.

At Chrimata, we understand the significance and importance of every donation an organization receives. It is your lifeblood. Every financial gift is the result of careful and purposeful thought. When people give, they give to the things that are important to them. Therefore, their donations are their best…their Chrimata!

Why Chrimata?

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to utilize many different tools when it came to digital donations. Our church was always on the cutting edge of donation technology. We first started using PayPal in 1999 when most everybody still thought that using a debit card for your tithe must be a sin and leading to the mark of the beast. It sounds a bit silly now, but that was the reality back then. 

After 40 years of ministry and searching endlessly for a simple and yet comprehensive platform that was reasonably priced, I founded Chrimata. I did not have the technical expertise to pull of such a task, but I truly believe the Lord laid it on my heart to start this company to serve and be a blessing to the body of Christ. I know none of you would have done this, but I complained to the Lord listing all my Exodus 4 reasons why I wasn’t qualified. But God led me to my current partner in business, Kevin Watson, a good friend in the United Kingdom. Together we knew that if God said do it, we could!

Needless to say, we had a lot to learn. Some of it the hard way. Talk about wandering in the wilderness. But, God in His faithfulness kept us and sustained us even through our ignorance. I now believe that we have developed one of the finest programs available to churches today. I could talk about all of our features, but we are more than the sum of our features! We are co-laborers with you bringing our expertise to the table to help you fulfill the vision God has placed on your heart. Together we can “Create a Culture of Generosity” that extends into our communities and around the world. Why not us? Why not here? Why not now?

Is it really worth it?

Since our inception, people have basically asked me two questions, “Do we really need digital donations?” And “What are your rates?” Trust me, I understand the questions. Then COVID hit and the first question wasn’t asked any more. Now the question was, “How soon can we get this up and running? Even the second question didn’t seem as relevant. Most of our users in the beginning were friends that I just wanted to help out and serve their churches. Then the word started to spread that we could save others a ton of money. 

Since that time, I have encouraged people to eliminate this question, “What are your rates?” The reason, it is the wrong question to ask. I found out the hard way. Rates rarely equate to the overall processing fees let alone value. Processing rates are really only a small part of the overall fees that somebody might pay to receive a donation. There are set-up fees, software fees, gateway fees, contract and cancellation fees, etc. It was like a bad Dr. Seuss book. One fee, two fee, three fee, ouch! I would calculate my bill at the end of the month and what was supposed to be 2.2% always seemed to come out more like 4.2% How was that possible?

By the time I figured out all I was paying for, I was a bit miffed to say the least, but I was locked into a contract that had cancellation fees. (Can anybody relate?) 

I wanted it simple: No sign-up fees; No software fees; No long-term contracts; No cancellation fees; No set monthly fees (only pay for what is used); A flat rate of 2.85% overall regardless of card used, and best of all, allowing the donors to pay those fees which means I may pay nothing in fees! More money in the Kingdom!

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