Is Money Evil?

Recently, I was sitting in church and listened as the Pastor said in essence, “the way you think about something is the way you will approach it!” I have been meditating on that since. My belief in or about something definitely affects the way I treat that person, item or object. If I believe that money in and of itself is evil, then I will see money as evil and repel it from my life. If on the other hand I see money as a tool in the hand of a skilled carpenter, then I will want to be the very best that I can be with the best tools available to me. 

I firmly believe that wealth cannot be intrinsically evil, or the Bible would not describe heaven as a place full of unimaginable riches. If we as believers are looking forward to the day that we are with the Lord forever in eternity, then wealth is a part of our future. When Jesus instructed His disciples to pray, “your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, He was instructing us to believe for God’s blessings and wealth now, today! Religiously, we have painted a picture of Jesus as a poor carpenter born in a manger. Yes, Jesus left heaven and came to earth to become the sacrifice for all making, but heaven never left Jesus. Remember, what you believe about a things is how you will approach it. Kingdom wealth was not something to be achieved with Jesus, it was something that was inside of Him. If we are continuously looking outside of ourselves for something, might I suggest that we make the necessary mindset changes on the inside so that we can realize the blessings of God on the outside. 

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